AIAC & AIAC Pacific Publications

British Columbia Aerospace Capabilities 2018 Guide

Economic Impact Analysis and Capabilities Study of the BC Aerospace Industry (prepared by KPMG) (released August 2015)

State of the Aerospace Industry 2015 (prepared by AIAC and Industry Canada)

Building the Foundation – AIAC Pacific 2014/15 Report (May 2015)

Aerospace: A Thriving Western Canadian Industry (February 2014)

Deloitte report on Canadian Aerospace (prepared for AIAC, October 2010)


Other Publications

Emerson Report – Review of Policies related to Aerospace and Space (November 2012)


Jenkins Report – Canada First: Leveraging Defence Procurement through Key Industrial Capabilities (February 2013)

Defence Procurement Strategy (released February 2014)

Canada’s Space Policy Framework: Launching the Next Generation (February 2014)