Provincial Partnership

AIAC Pacific functions in partnership with the Government of British Columbia in a coordinated effort to advance the mutual aerospace goals of government and industry. In April 2014, the government announced $1 million in funding to be delivered through AIAC Pacific – part of a five-year, $5 million commitment by the Province to help create a world-class aerospace cluster in BC and accelerate the growth of the industry. The Province re-affirmed its commitment in February 2016’s provincial budget and committed the third year of funding.

As part of the funding agreement, AIAC Pacific is responsible for delivering a number of programs and activities designed to strengthen the unity and competitiveness of BC aerospace, including:

  • Increasing communication and collaboration among aerospace industry partners
  • Improving the supply chain capabilities of BC’s aerospace manufacturing companies
  • Enhancing the technical capabilities of BC’s aerospace companies
  • Increasing the participating of BC companies in federal programs that support product technology and manufacturing innovation
  • Developing a strategic approach to federal defence procurement build around BC’s key industrial capabilities
  • Expanding access for BC goods and services in priority markets, particularly in Asia, Europe and the US