Presentations from R&D Incentives Workshop now available

November 28, 2014

The R&D Incentives workshop held November 6 in Vancouver drew positive reviews from the 40 participants, several of whom requested copies of the three presentations. They are now available to download:

The Pathway to R&D Funding in Canada (Presenter: Karen Chan, KPMG) – The Government of Canada provides nearly $3.6 billion in SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) tax credits to support industry-led innovation.  In 2012, Ottawa committed $1.1 billion per year to double support offered through the Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). In addition, Economic Action Plan 2014 provided $8 million over two years to Mitacs to expand training support for next-generation R&D managers and innovators.  Yet, many SMEs are not maximizing access to available funding because they often struggle to understand the administrative process or eligibility requirements. In this presentation, learn about funding niches and partnering opportunities to better match your operational needs throughout the research-to-commercialization life cycle in Aerospace Engineering and Clean Energy Technology.

R&D Shift™  (Presenter: Kevin Wong, Stonecracker Scientific Law) – Recent changes to both SR&ED law, and IRB/ITB benefits law, have created the potential for Canadian Aerospace companies – both large and SMEs – to dramatically increase their benefits and bottom lines. This presentation provides information on how large companies can leverage these changes to more than double their SR&ED benefits and attain IRB/ITB benefits by nine to 36 times, and how SMEs can achieve breakthrough levels of funding, positioning and branding opportunities.

Industry Collaboration Simplified (Presenter: Robert Grace, Mitacs) – when multi-national obligors are looking to invest R&D dollars in Canada, how do they know which SME and research institution partners will best meet their objectives? Mitacs specializes in developing collaboration models that bring together MNEs and Canadian industry and academia to create innovation and embed Canadian SMEs into the global supply chain. BC-based Mitacs, with 25 offices across the country and links with 60 research institutions, also helps manage collaboration projects and brings research funding to the table. This presentation outlines collaboration models that Mitacs develops and pursues along with how Canadian SMEs can get involved, and describes the “Converge” pilot project.