AIAC Appoints Two Executives to Manage AIAC Pacific

January 18, 2016

The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) is pleased to announce that it has hired two new executives, Taylor Briggs and Mike Mueller, to lead the continued growth and development of AIAC Pacific. As Vice Presidents for AIAC Pacific, Mr. Briggs and Mr. Mueller bring their years of experience in the private and public sectors to expand the association’s business development, programs and services, and relationships with government and stakeholders.

“AIAC Pacific has grown significantly since it was founded two years ago, and these appointments reflect that growth and the changing needs of the association,” said Jim Quick, President and CEO of AIAC. “We were looking for individuals whose experience in public policy, program development, and business development could build on the valuable partnerships we have established with governments, stakeholders, research institutions and industry both in BC and across the country. With the combination of their unique backgrounds and expertise, we are confident that Mr. Briggs and Mr. Mueller are the right choices to lead AIAC Pacific and we are very excited to welcome them to the team.”

A government relations expert with years of experience at the Port of Vancouver and advising B.C. Cabinet ministers, Taylor Briggs will be responsible for AIAC Pacific’s government relations efforts. He will lead the execution of AIAC Pacific’s partnership with the Government of British Columbia to implement the government’s $5 million, 5-year commitment to create a unified BC aerospace cluster. He will also manage AIAC Pacific’s stakeholder relations and policy development.

With extensive management and communications experience in both the private sector and as a senior advisor and Chief of Staff to federal Cabinet ministers, Mike Mueller will lead AIAC Pacific’s communications, marketing and business development initiatives. He will be responsible for the continued growth of the Aerospace, Defence and Security Expo (ADSE), as well as expanding AIAC Pacific’s strategic programs and partnerships to enhance the association’s long term growth and value to members.

Mr. Briggs and Mr. Mueller will assume their responsibilities on January 25, 2016.

About AIAC:

AIAC is the national association representing Canada’s aerospace manufacturing and services sector.  As the world’s fifth-largest aerospace industry, Canada’s aerospace sector contributes over $29B to the economy in GDP, exports 80% of its output, and dedicates over 20% of its activity to research and development (R&D). Aerospace is responsible for the employment of 180,000 Canadians.

About AIAC Pacific:

The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada created AIAC Pacific with a mandate to promote and develop aerospace business in BC by acting as an advocate and facilitator among industry and government. AIAC Pacific speaks with a cohesive voice for the industry; it provides access for BC companies to national and international programs; and, it aims to develop a strong relationship with the provincial government. AIAC Pacific has a unique relationship with AIAC in that it is the only provincial entity managed by the national association.